Since he was born Mirko aka. Prinz One is influenced by creativity and different cultures. He discovered his passion for art and drawing early on. While exploring his identity, graffiti and hip-hop culture became groundbreaking for him.

Tattoos have always fascinated him and so the world of tattooing grabbed his attention. He got his first tattoo at the age of 18, and the next ones followed.

Prinz One has been self-employed as an artist and tattooartist since 2014 and combines styles and cultures in his art that have shaped and inspired him since day one. Today he creates tattoos, graffitis, drawings, canvases & more in his unmistakable way.

In addition, the streetwear brand PrinzOne Original was founded in 2015 along with the first self-designed and printed shirt. Ever since then, high-quality clothing has been produced in limited editions, and their unique designs are a fixed component of Prinz One's art.

From the streets, dedicated to the streets.

Never stop grinding - the journey is far from over.